October 19


At SES Trading we work hard to study the Betfair markets and come up with profitable strategies to help beat those exact markets.

We share these strategies with our members via our courses and our educational products which include Total Football Trading & Total Tennis Trading.

We have had many requests from our own members to try out different types of strategies across different sports. We soon realized that instead of waiting to complete a new package it would be better if we put our findings together on a more regular basis via a report.

So, The Trend Report was born.

Within it, we will show you strategies that we have been working on and testing along with the findings from them. You will see brand new profitable strategies being born in front of your eyes and you will have the ability to assess the findings and analysis along with us. We give you all you need to know to find an angle and enough to help you find your own angles too.

The best part is that we aren’t committed to any single sport. There are so many different sports you can trade on Betfair and we hope to feature them all at one point. Over the next year we hope to cover trading markets within Football, Tennis, Horse Racing, Cricket, Darts, Basketball, Snooker and anything else which might have good liquidity within it.

So we really hope you now have a better idea of what The Trend Report is all about. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.