December 12

The Trend Report Issue 4


The Trend Report: Issue 4

Welcome to yet another Issue of The Trend Report. The most comprehensive analysis of Betfair trends and strategies that you will find anywhere on the web!

Once again we have delivered a huge amount of data and analysis of market trends and some low risk betfair trading strategies that we expect you can use and profit from. Remember, the main strength of the trend report is to present you with enough information so that you can also create your own angles also. Read below to find out what is within this 73 page report.


Inside This Issue…..

Power Hour Reloaded

We have taken a close look at how the Under 2.5 Goals markets behave during the day leading up to kick off and have noticed an interesting behaviour. This has presented us with a low risk trading method that can be done on certain matches that fit the criteria. The best news of all is that this trade could compliment the original TFT Power Hour method very well and be used along with it. It is early days with testing this method but over the past month we managed a low risk 42 tick gain from using this method.

Premier League Goal Trends

We were contacted by a trend report reader who suggested we look at how goalscoring trends in the Premier League developed throughout the season. In this report we looked at the frequency of matches finishing Over 2.5 Goals depending on the month. Over the past 3 seasons we can certainly see that some months provide more goals then others and it is doubtful this is a coincidence. We show you the break even prices you need to be taking on the Over/Under 2.5 Goals markets if you are looking for Value. Then we also show you the particular months where you can blindly back either Over or Under 2.5 goals in every match and expect a profit!

Darts Trading Entry Points

Probably the best part of this report is this piece by Darts Trader Nigel Young who gives us a good insight into how to trade darts. With plenty of money spilling around the darts markets and the World Championship coming up soon then this is a great time to learn how to trade this sport. Nigel explains the particular dos and donts of darts trading and then goes on to give us 5 key darts trading entry points. 

Darts Trading: The 40/40 Method

Nigel was also generous enough to share one of his most basic darts trading strategies which is the 40/40 method. If you are new to trading this sport then this is a great method to help you learn the ropes with. This method simply involves risking 40 ticks to win 40 ticks at a particular time in the match but Nigel’s experience shows him that you should have a 70% strike rate over the long term with it.  You get all this along with EVERY chart from the recent darts grand prix for your own study purposes!

Football Trading: LTD Gold

Our members methods column returns for this issue and we have finally investigated a fresh spin on a classic method. Richard Walker from has fully explained his hybrid method entitled LTD Gold that was originally shared on the TFT forum in 2011.  This is along with full screenshots and tips & advice that will help you get the best out of this method. Looking for a new spin on laying the draw? This should definitely be up your street.

Taking A Look Back…

In this section we take a look back at how some of the strategies we have presented in previous issues have been performing. We are thrilled to see that our tennis strategies from Issue 4 all turned a profit however one method was far more profitable then the other and you can find out more about that inside. Also, we are very excited with the progress that the Hotdog Method is making at the moment. So far, Ben has executed this trade 44 times this season and has a 230 tick profit. You can see each trade he has done along with his thoughts on it inside this latest trend report!

 You are getting a great deal of information for an incredibly low price. Do not miss out!

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