December 12

The Trend Report Issue 6

issue 6

 The Trend Report: Issue 6

Welcome to yet another Issue of The Trend Report. The most comprehensive analysis of Betfair trends and strategies that you will find anywhere on the web!

Once again we have delivered a huge amount of data and analysis of market trends and some low risk betfair trading strategies that we expect you can use and profit from. Remember, the main strength of the trend report is to present you with enough information so that you can also create your own angles also. Read below to find out what is within this 80 page report.


Inside This Issue…..


Football Trading: Game Of Two Halves

Theo-Walcott-Goal-Celebration-HD-Wallpaper-1024x712We had a request from a reader that we have a look at teams losing leads in the Premier League. As in, when is a team more likely to lose a lead? We managed to narrow this down to a particular scenario that will see the leading team concede that lead 50% of the time based on the data from last season. When you consider a leading team will usually have much lower odds then their starting price you can easily see how effective and profitable this can be and we outline a simple strategy to take advantage of this.

Premier League Goals Data

van persieFrom looking back at the Premier League season we took an indepth look into the Over & Under 2.5 Goals market in particular. You will learn all the true prices on this market from a club specific point of view. For example, what should the price on Over 2.5 goals be when xx is playing at home or is playing away? From that, we have compiled a very useful data table that can show you the best value prices to be taking when certain teams play other teams. This should be a very valuable tool for the new season!

WTA Tennis: The Set 2 Strategy

trend report 1Tennis can be quite a complex sport to try and trade when you are totally new to it. So, we have had requests from some readers to try and find a low risk profitable method to trade tennis with that is very simple also. We looked into the WTA Tennis which is usually where all the opportunities lie and managed to find a simple strategy that has proved profitable over 3 recent tournaments and we expect should do well in the US Open. This is based on something that happens in the 2nd set of WTA matches about 70% of the time, so this could be very useful info for those that trade these matches.

T20 Cricket Trading: The Bottoms Up Strategy

ipl cricketWe looked at all the data from the most recent IPL season and looked closely at the over reactions that can happen when a team gets off to a really good start in the first half. We found that when many teams reached a certain “low” too early they would usually trade higher, but the question was how much higher?? We managed to find a particular trade that had outstanding results in the past 2 ipl tournaments, producing ROI of 25% and 34% respectively. This should be a great strategy to use on the “made for tv” t20 cricket events such as IPL, Big Bash and T20 Champions League.

Packed With Data

trend report 2As usual you can expect plenty of data and numbers for you to crunch in your own time.

In this issue we have all the charts from the winning teams in IPL2013 and a huge amount of WTA Tennis charts to sink your teeth into also. 

This information would usually cost you many hours and many £££s trying to work it out for yourself so this is a great deal. Do not miss out!

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