December 12

The Trend Report Issue 5

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The Trend Report: Issue 5

Welcome to yet another Issue of The Trend Report. The most comprehensive analysis of Betfair trends and strategies that you will find anywhere on the web!

Once again we have delivered a huge amount of data and analysis of market trends and some low risk betfair trading strategies that we expect you can use and profit from. Remember, the main strength of the trend report is to present you with enough information so that you can also create your own angles also. Read below to find out what is within this 70 page report.


Inside This Issue…..


Football Trading: The Spanish Strategy

trend report 3With the end of the football season fast approaching we wanted to take a look at trends involving the tail end of the season. There is a general belief that the end of the football season can be “Silly Season” with some unpredictable results cropping up. However, our research uncovered a significant trend in the Spanish La Liga.  The strategy we suggest to take advantage of this trend has produced an average of 12% Return On Investment in the past 5 seasons. Just last season would have produced a £1500+ return to £100 stakes. We show you both a fixed odds betting strategy and an in-play strategy that you can use on Spanish matches for the end of the season.

NBA Trading

trend reportEasily the best part of this report is our Beginners Guide to Basketball Trading on Betfair. This is a sport that is simply not covered anywhere else from a trading perspective. The gold rush is definitely on with trading this sport as the markets are still maturing and there is lots of money to be made. For this section, we are joined by Sports Trading professional Jonathon Rose who has been trading US sports on Betfair the past few years. He talks us through exactly How To Trade Basketball and show you the very best NBA Entry Points so you know when to get involved in the markets. This is along with key advice such as things to be aware of and you will find this is a pretty comprehensive newbie guide to trading NBA. Even if you have never watched a match this should help you understand it much more!

NBA Trading: The 3rd Quarter Strategy

trend report 1Jonathon was kind enough to share a very basic but profitable strategy for trading the Basketball matches. This is a strategy Jonathon uses very often as part of his arsenal and it’s easy to execute. You should expect a 67% strike rate with this method and it will really help you cut your teeth with trading the NBA. Once you learn this way of trading you will then realise you can apply the same principle to other parts of the match and NBA trading will be made simple for you. We have our usual detailed screenshots and step by step instructions to help you understand fully.

Tennis Laying Method

trend 4Regular readers will be well aware of the tennis strategies we put forward during Issue 4 of The Trend Report. These all turned a solid profit for those who used them and so we were emailed by a reader who said we should see if this strategy would work on other tennis tournaments during the early part of the season. Well we looked and we certainly found a few that have shown a profitable trend in recent years. You will find out just what tournaments to hit with this method and this can also help with your tennis trading style as you will have a better idea of what strategies to apply to certain tournaments.

Football Trading: LTD Reverse

trend 5Our members methods column is back once again and football trading is once again on the agenda. Just when we all thought we had seen and done it all with “Lay The Draw”, TFT Member Jamie pops up with an interesting spin. He has “reversed” the trade which actually makes it possible to make 100%+ returns on your stake with some trades. Considering, most lay the draw traders often struggle to make 50% profit per trade this is something worth looking at. Jamie talks us through a few of the trades along with screen-shots and bits of advice.

You are getting a great deal of information for an incredibly low price. Do not miss out!

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