December 12

The Trend Report Issue 3


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Welcome to Issue 3 of The Trend Report. This 77 page report takes an in-depth look at some seasonal Tennis Trading Market trends along with a cheeky method that should prove profitable in particular tournaments. We also introduce The Hot Dog Method which is a football trading strategy that we are very excited about and you will be too once you discover how easy and effective it is. We then take a look back at something that has been happening in recent Premier League football seasons and we have a strategy that can exploit this further.  We also take a look back and review how our T20 Cricket Trading strategy has been performing along with a look back at Euro 2012 too.


Inside This Issue…..

Tennis Trading Seasonal Trends

betfair trend report 1We have taken a close look at Tennis market trends and, in particular, the performance of certain types of players after the US Open has finished. We have discovered that a simple strategy of laying certain types of players in certain tournaments has proved consistently profitable in recent years. Within the report we will show you just what sort of players you should be taking on and the best tournaments to do so. Some of these tournaments have produced incredible profits and some in excess of a 40%+ Return on Investment. So this is definitely something worth knowing so you can plan how to approach these tournaments and we also suggest a method called “Flip-Laying” which can help you to profit further.

Football Trading: The Hot Dog Method

hot dog betfairIn this issue you will also discover “The Hot Dog Method” which is a strategy we are all very excited about. We have been studying the half time markets in football matches for a while now and a pattern has been quite apparent. Also, the frequency has been increasing in the past season. In fact, when testing the strategy in the latter part of the season we had a 90%+ strike rate with this method! When you read how simple it is to execute you will be shocked and also probably kicking yourself for not realising this sooner! This should be a definite money maker for the new season as long as this trend remains consistent!

Premier League Trends

 betfair trend reportThe new season is just around the corner and we have taken a good look at how certain teams performed last season compared to their market price in order to find the markets most underrated and, also, overrated teams. This leads us on to a further analysis where we profile a certain type of match where the odds on favourites consistently fail to win which can create an excellent laying opportunity for the season ahead. We show you a way to bet on these matches that produced a 10% ROI last season and over 20% in the two seasons before that which proves its consistency!

Football Trading: Lay The Leader Strategy

We show you a football trading method which might not be new to many but, on the back of the earlier research, we now have the very best matches to use this strategy on for the coming seasons. When used on the matches we have outlined we expect you should experience an average 47% strike rate with potential returns ranging from 100%-900% ROI which is very exciting indeed. 

Taking A Look Back…

In this section we take a look back at how some of the strategies we have presented in previous issues have been performing. Chris Shepherd provides analysis of how his “Bowling Method” performed during the IPL season with a few pointers on how it can be improved even further, this is along with every chart from every match of the tournament. Then Ben Michaels takes a look at how the “Crowd Trading” theory worked out during Euro 2012 with his thoughts and opinions on that way of trading. 


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