December 12

The Trend Report: Issue 2


trend report issue 2

Trading Sports Covered In This Issue:

T20 Cricket

Horse Racing




We have taken an in-depth look into market trends and strategies for T20 Cricket and the forthcoming Indian Premier League, the In-running Horse Racing markets, Darts Premier League, Golf and Football. This bumper edition also features TWO bonus videos which help us illustrate things further.


Inside This Issue…..

T20 Cricket Trading Strategies

cricket tradingWe have an extended feature on the Indian Premier League T20 Cricket tournament. Our Cricket Trading resident Chris Shepherd has looked over some of the trends from recent IPL tournaments and the findings were a little surprising and go against the general opinion that many people have about T20 Cricket. Chris then reveals two strategies which should see you profit in the current markets. This is the “20 Tick Method” and “The Bowling Method” which produced a £600+ profit to £100 stakes on IPL2011 and so we hope for more of the same this year!

Horse Racing “Lay The Field” Strategy

horse racing tradingWe take a look at a well known Racing Trading method called “Lay The Field“. This is quite a gem of a strategy but the main problem is finding which races to use it on and at which odds. We delved deep into the years of in-running data to find the best courses and best odds to use this method on. This should really help you narrow down the selection process when you use this strategy and this is a strategy that can be fully automated once you find the most profitable formula so it is certainly worth a closer look!

Darts Premier League Scalping

betfair darts tradingThe darts markets are incredibly exciting as they are still maturing. This means plenty of potentially easy opportunities can still be had. We took a close look at the movement of “The Draw” in the Darts Premier League and we were pretty astounded with what we found. You will also be amazed to see just how easy this market is to scalp as we point out a market behaviour that would repeat it self over and over again in every match. We offer a good Darts Scalping Strategy which will give you a great chance of profiting from this market pattern that we have observed.

Golf Trading

golf tradingWe have a special feature from Golf Trading Professional John Trafford who shows you just what to look for when attempting to trade golf and then gives us a blow by blow example of how he traded a recent tournament. Even if you don’t have much interest in Golf you will be pleasantly surprised at how simple John makes it sound. You might only make a handful of trading moves once a day during the tournament and so trading Golf can be a particularly lucrative skill to learn in the long term. This is a great mini-guide to trading golf that any newbie will appreciate.

The Fraser Football Trading Method

fraser method football tradingA new feature for The Trend Report is a section we are calling “Members Methods“. After the first Issue we had TFT member Pete Fraser contact us to share a football trading strategy he often uses. He said he didn’t mind us publishing it so we kindly named the method after him. This involves trading an over reaction within the Correct Score market when a certain scenario occurs. This isn’t a scenario that occurs often but this is a great strategy to have in your trading tool box and its incredibly simple to execute. You will see just how to use this strategy as we have screen shots and step by step instructions to help you along.


Just when you thought that The Trend Report couldn’t get any better value for money we have thrown in 2 bonus videos for you also. In Video 1 you will see just how you can perform the Lay The Field method manually and we give you an example of a profitable race too. This will help you see the in-running movements and the sheer potential that there is in these markets.

In Video 2, you will see how one of our traders scalped the Darts Draw Market live. This will help you to see the type of movements to look for and the best way to approach it.

So, if you are looking for some new and exciting ways to trade the markets or just hoping to learn how other sports markets work then The Trend Report is right for you. Remember, that things are changing all the time on Betfair so you have to actively keep up with the trends!

You are getting a great deal of information for an incredibly low price. Do not miss out!

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