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Dynamic Football Trading

dynamic tennis trading

Dynamic Football Trading

ONLY For The Serious Football Trader!


How great would it be to make money whilst watching your favourite sport?

This is a Football Trading crash course and mentoring package rolled into one.

With Dynamic Football Trading you are not merely learning some systems and strategies… YOU ARE DEVELOPING A SKILL!

  • 6 Detailed and Knowledge Packed Ebooks
  • 5 Dynamic, Low Risk-High Reward Football Trading Strategies
  • Over 30 Real Life In-Play Examples
  • Trade ANY In-play football match
  • Get The Skills To Turn Pro With!

Most football traders do not realise that there is no “one size fits all” strategy that you can use on football. This is a live sport full of unpredictability which means every match is different. Therefore, the only way to really gain an edge is by reacting to the actual events on the field and looking out for certain indicators that will show you exactly when it is good to get in or best to stay out. Expert football trader Steven Hall shares all the advice he feels you need to replicate what he does.

In this package, Steve will teach you how to sit down and trade virtually any football match that is in-play. We give you the precise things to look at beforehand which can all be done within 2 minutes and then all the in-play indicators and red flags which will give you the knowledge you need to know when it comes to opening strategies or not opening them.

This should be the final football trading course you ever have to buy!

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Every Green Screen Explained!

What sets the Dynamic sports trading courses apart from the rest is the huge level of detail that we go into. You will not just get a step by step demo of how to execute the strategy but you will get plenty of real life examples to learn from also.

This package has over 40 real life football trading examples which show you the strategies in action in almost every possible scenario. This will allow you to see the best case scenarios and the worst case scenarios and how to handle it.

Inside The Package

User Manual

Dynamic-Tennis-Trading-Box-1The User Manual and like getting the keys to work the vehicle you are about to get in. Forget the strategies for now, this is the crucial part as you are about to learn some important football trading lessons. By the end of this part of the course you should be able to read live in-play football matches and also profile pre-match opportunites in your sleep!

This book teaches “How To Read Football Matches“, “The Key In-play Goals indicators” and the “3 Factor Formula” which will allow you to give any football match a rating for likelihood of goals… within a minute! This is extremely powerful and you should never be left guessing again. This also covers how you can “categorise teams” in order to help with your pre-match profiling along with the ONE key in-play stat that will help you even trade matches you are not watching.

Knowing HOW to operate the strategies is fine…. but this book teaches you WHEN!

user manual example

Strategy 1 – The Core Method

The Core MethodThis strategy is used on the Match Odds market and can be used on an almost daily basis. This is nothing to do with laying the draw but is still football trading in its purest form.

An average return of 100% on your initial risk with an expected strike rate of over 60% which can be increased depending on your match reading skill and pre-match profiling. You will learn exactly how and when to open the core method and what to do in every scenario. This is the type of strategy you will be using most frequently and hence why it is the CORE method. This method also includes extra “mini-strategies” which you can use to accelerate your profits. This can bring up your profit returns from an average of 100% return to up to 200-500% returns on your risk!

And with NO extra money risked…

You will get examples of a whole bunch of different scenarios including the below green screens all explained. The Blackpool match produced a profit 450% roi using the profit acceleration strategies. You can find out exactly how..

core method

“The Core Method will certainly be the main way I trade football from now going forwards. I like the fact I often win more then I am actually risking which is better then most football trading methods I have learned about.” Beta Tester Shaun, Acton

Strategy 2 – The Time Bomb

The Time Bomb StrategyAnother strategy you will find yourself using on an almost daily basis when trading football in-play.

This strategy focuses on the goals markets and you will usually be opening this in the first half of a football match if the conditions suit.

This is a “3 Part Strategy” with specific instructions given regarding opening each part of the strategy. Sometimes you might only get to open part 1 and sometimes all 3 parts will be open depending on what is happening. In the best case scenarios you can expect profits of an average 90% return on your risk with this trading strategy.

Within this book you will learn exactly how to execute the Time Bomb and when to diffuse the Time Bomb to protect your risk. You will also get to see plenty of real life in-play examples including how we produced a quick 53% roi in a Hertha Berlin match below with the time bomb… a 130% return on the overall risk!

time bomb example

“I found the time bomb simple and straight forward to use with good results so far. The in-play indicators and red flags are a huge help if in any doubt with it. Probably my favourite strategy in the package.”

Beta Tester Kenneth, Bath

Strategy 3 – The H-Bomb

The H-Bomb StrategyIf you thought the Time Bomb strategy was powerful then wait until you get to use the H-Bomb strategy. Once again, we will be attacking the goal markets in an attempt to obliterate them.

This is an aggressive trade but the returns can make it well worth the risk. Average profits in best case scenarios are usually around the 100% return on risk mark. You will learn how to quickly create a risk free position which can then enhance your profits even further.

This book teaches the best times to deploy the H-Bomb strategy and also how to accelerate your profits using it. With the added profit acceleration strategies you can easily generate profits of up to a 200% return on your original risk. This book includes plenty of real life in-play examples including the screenshot below from the Swansea-Sunderland match which produced a 140% ROI…. within 2 minutes!

Warning: Winning with this strategy can get very, very addictive!

h-bomb example

“I have had excellent results with the H-Bomb especially when using the profit acceleration strategies. Made a lovely £213 on the European matches this evening.”

Beta Tester Jonathon, London


Strategy 4 – The Sticky Method

The Sticky MethodProbably, the most genius of all the strategies in this package. This strategy identifies a key time in the markets when you get an incredibly low risk chance of making a profit. In some cases, this can actually be RISK FREE!

It will not come off all the time but considering that you can end up with profits of OVER 380% Return on Risk when you get it right you will realise you do not need many winners to make good money with it in the long term.

This is not something that happens on all football matches but you will learn exactly what sort of matches are ideal to use the sticky method on and what to look for to keep your risk as low as possible. A great strategy to add to any serious football traders portfolio!

You will get to see real life examples of the Sticky Trade in action including how the below screenshot was produced in a Zenit St Petersburg match… with zero money risked!

sticky example

“I was surprised at how low risk the Sticky strategy really was. It was fascinating to see the markets behave the way they did and I do not know why I did not think of it before. Had my first winner today, cool £76 profit!”

Beta Tester Alex, Kensington

Strategy 5 – The 15 Minute Strategy

The 15 Minute StrategyThe final strategy of the package is a high probability trade for those who enjoy high strike rates and quick profits. A neat way to make some money in the same amount of time it can take to cook a frozen pizza.

A particular time of the match has been identified as being “soft” in a certain scenario. You can easily get in and then out within 15 minutes and with a 50% profit on your stake used.

This is low risk and you can expect an 80% strikerate with this strategy. This strike rate can be increased by using the match reading indicators supplied in the user manual.

If you were looking for a reasonably stress free strategy that can produce frequent winners this should be the strategy for you. As usual we have real life examples of both winning AND losing trades with this method. This will show you the very best and worst case scenarios so you can weigh up your risk.

You will find out exactly how the below profit was scored in the Fulham-Man Utd match and how you can easily replicate similar trades.

15 min example

“The 15 Minute strategy is a cool one to use, I have used it 10 times over the past week and only had one loser so far. Could be beginners luck but this one definitely has legs in my opinion”

Beta Tester Lee from Colchester



The Armageddon Method


Buy today and I will throw in a FREE bonus method that I use often to great effect.

I have named this the Armageddon method as it is a sudden death method that is very aggressive but the trading side of it is minimal. Therefore, it can be a useful addition to the portfolio.

I explain exactly what matches are suitable for this method. Think of this as a straight bet with the chance to trade in one particular scenario. So you will open this method and let it run, only trading out if one certain thing happens. In most cases you will not have to do anything which is good news for those looking for less hands on methods and approaches.

I will not say anymore about it as I want this one to be kept secret and this will only be available as a bonus and not available anywhere else.



Now £147

Consider 5 x £47 football trading strategies bought seperately = £235

Consider a 1 day seminar course teaching football trading = £399.

Now consider what you are getting today….

This is a bargain!

Dynamic Football Trading



As soon as you pay you will receive an email with your download link and you can have access within minutes, even its 3am! This package comes in PDF Format and 6 Seperate PDF Files which is easily viewable on most electronic devices and is easy to print out too. This is now also viewable on tablets including Kindle.

If you do have any questions, then email us anytime by using our contact page.

Who Is This Ideal For?

Dynamic Football Trading is most ideal for those who are familiar with Betfair and the football trading concept and want to learn new strategies and ideas to work with.

This is definitely not ideal for those who do not yet know how to “green up” or have not had any previous experience with a football trading strategy.

Basically, if you are interested in football trading and not quite at the full time pro level then this is ideal for you.

Are These Strategies Similar To Other Packages On The Web?

These are strategies I have devised myself personally so you can be sure I have not “copied” these from anywhere else. I have also bought many packages myself and I would be sure not to copy any other ideas. Naturally, there are only so many different things you can do with the Betfair markets so there may be elements that can be similar to other strategies but I firmly expect even the more experienced traders should find fresh ideas within this package.

Quick Message From The Author:

Hi guys

Like many, I have bought trading manual after manual during my time learning the ropes and I learned a great deal from almost every one of them. Eventually, gaining enough knowledge to realise my dream of being able to go full time.

I never thought I would end up doing a package myself but I had my arm twisted and it would be good to do something that can genuinely help others.

Within this package, I will show you just how I trade the in-play markets on football. This involves minimal pre-match research and focues mainly on the in-play action to give me the clues I need before opening a strategy.

I am hoping this has all been presented in an easy to learn manner and by the time you have done reading you should be armed with the knowledge to take the in-play markets by the horns with. I think Mark and the team have done a superb job with the presentation of it all and I am thrilled to be a part of this.

My contact email address is supplied within the package if anyone has any questions about the strategies or needs any additional help or advice!

Steven Hall

Terms & Conditions (1/11/14):

Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained within this package we simply can not offer a refund policy on this product. This is a digital information based product and since there is no possible way to return information once you have learned it there is no possible way to return the product fairly.
By not offering a refund policy we are protecting honest customers such as yourself that will benefit from the information contained within. Unfortunately, there are many people online who buy products with the sole intention of returning them and sharing them on download sites. Therefore, we have to protect the exclusive nature of our product by having this policy.
If you do have any queries or concerns about the quality of our products you only have to look around the web to know how highly acclaimed we are.


Now £147

Consider 5 x £47 football trading strategies bought seperately = £235

Consider a 1 day seminar course teaching football trading = £399.

Now consider what you are getting today…

This is a bargain!

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